Episode #5: Fine Arts Collaboration


In Episode #5, we were joined by Adrian McCracken (Drama teacher/Dept. Chair), Camille Blackburn (Choir Teacher), and not pictured, Richard Landauer (Band Teacher). This conversation was incredible not only to hear about the unique, collaborative culture they’ve created within their department, but also for the insight they share about how much benefit comes from team teaching. During the third trimester, they created a “Productions” class where all the components of a great theatre production come together as one unified group to create something special. Mr. McCracken would work with the theater group and direct, Mrs. Blackburn would work with the chorus and soloists, and Mr. Landauer would coach up the pit orchestra, this year consisting of both stringed instruments and the band members. Mentions of the art teachers chipping in and contributing to the spring musical as well.

The relationship and bond between these educators is truly special. Hillcrest High School is lucky to have their professionalism and experience!

Mr. Barber brings up standards based grading in the arts and how he has brainstormed with Mr. Landauer throughout the year to create rubrics for continuous improvement. Mr. Landauer has also found ways to use both YouTube and Google Classroom for auditions and formative assessments, so he isn’t using class time with individuals as much and is more efficient.

Mr. Salsbery gives a shout out to Isaac Child and Ethan Hatch for their work as student body president and vice president. Mr. Barber shares his experiences watching the enthusiasm his freshmen students had while presenting their Rube Goldberg Machines last week.

It’s a GREAT day to be a KNIGHT!


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