Podcast #8: Squire Mentoring Program


Today Ty sits down with four of the freshmen mentors who have volunteered to participate this year. We are calling this program the “Squire Mentoring Program” because our 9th grade Knights need to learn what it’s all about at Hillcrest High School. These upperclassmen are teaching mini-lessons two days a week focusing on social and emotional skills that will assist our freshmen in experiencing success.

Mr. Barber stole this idea from Adlai Stevenson High School in Illinois while visiting in the Spring of 2018. Check out this podcast and webpage to see what the program looks like there.

Some of the strategies and standards for this program are listed under Social Emotional Learning Standards: social_emotional_learning_standards_earlyhs_9-10… we encourage you to check these out as a starting point for what concepts will be taught throughout the year.

We apologize for some of the low sound quality for some of the interview. We are still learning and will fail forward as we progress. It’s a GREAT day to be a KNIGHT!

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